CERALE 2024 – 5ta Conferencia Bi Anual

Panel Business History and Management Studies
This panel seeks to offer an opportunity to promote interdisciplinary discussion and enrichment between business history and management. This call is particularly relevant as management scholars, particularly in strategy and organizational behavior, have recently discussed a “historic turn”, advocating for the utilization of historical reasoning in comprehending firms’ nature and behavior. Management journals of different orientations have also shown their interest in historical perspectives and methodologies. Business history is of greater importance today than it was in the past. Considering this broad statement, the aim of this panel is to examine current trends in management research with a chronological or longitudinal approach in Latin America. Also, the intention is to encourage a fruitful collaboration between scholars of different disciplines and to provide an opportunity to discuss the relevance of historical analysis for contemporary management and organizational studies. For that, each of the panelists will comment on their experience/learning/future interest in interdisciplinary research between MG and business history and the potential they see in the collaboration between both disciplines to impact academic research and society.

Roberto Vassolo, IAE Business School
Marchelo Bucheli, Gies College of Business
Erica Salvaj, FEN UDD
Andrea Lluch, CONICET. Fac. de Administración, Universidad de los Andes
Alvaro Cuervo Cazurra, D’Amore-McKim School of Business
Sebastian Alvarez, Fac. de Artes Liberales, UAI